Finn Chamber

Finn Chambers on Scanpor for
epicutaneous patch testing

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Finn Chamber® is a patch test device which provides good occlusion because of the chamber design. The 8 mm inner diameter provides a 50 mm² area and about 20 µl volume. Finn Chambers are available mounted on Scanpor® tape, Actavis Norway AS, Norgesplaster, with protective paper backing which is easily peeled away. The chambers are made of aluminium. Polypropylene coated chambers (8, 12, 18 mm) and 12 mm aluminium chambers are available for special purposes.

Finn Chambers on Scanpor are available in strips of 10 (2x5), 5 (1x5) and 1 chambers. The strips of 10 chambers are practical when testing with a large number of substances, e.g. with routine tests. Smaller strips are suitable for small test series and individual tests.

Most commercial test substances are suitable for Finn Chambers. The substances incorporated in a semisolid base are applied directly into the chamber. For liquids a filter paper disc is placed in the chamber and saturated with the liquid.

Finn Chamber Tray keeps the test strips in good order when applying the test substances. The trays can be piled on each other, which saves place on the desk.

The tests are applied preferably on the upper back. When removing the tests after one or two days' exposure the occlusion is verified by a ring-shaped depression around each test.

For locating the test sites a special device, Reading Plate, is recommended. Reading Plate can also be used when removing the tests.


Indications for Finn Chambers

Diagnosis of
- contact sensitivity
- photocontact sensitivity
Experimental dermatology

Finn Chamber products are intended for use by or under the supervision of a physician.



Finn Chambers on Scanpor
Standard (8 mm)
   strips of 10 chambers (2x5)

25x10 chs

100x10 chs

   strips of 5 chambers (1x5)

50x5 chs

   strips of 1 chamber

150x1 chs

Large (12 mm)*
   strips of 1 chamber

200x1 chs

Finn Chambers
Extra Large (18 mm)*

100 chs


Filter paper discs
Standard (7.5 mm)

200 discs

1000 discs

Large (11 mm)

200 discs

Extra Large (18 mm)

100 discs

Reading Plate**

1 plate

Finn Chamber Tray**

5 trays

* for special experimental use
**for Finn Chambers on Scanpor (standard)

Testing with Finn Chambers is


Kind to the skin


Updated 3 February 2006.